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Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Fan Xperience – Gaming Room

With the expanded space of Comic Con, the gaming area has increased in size substantially. In September, a few tables were set aside in the vendor’s hall, but in April, an entire conference room encompasses the gaming area. Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Fan Xperience – Gaming Room

Salt Lake Comic Con Spotlight on Billy Dee Williams

I unintentionally cut into the Billy Dee Williams spotlight while I was early for the Brent Spiner Q&A (more on that later).  I’m glad I was able to listen in.

I only caught a bit of the spotlight, but a few of the questions from the audience were priceless.

One that stands out:
Why was Lando wearing Hans clothes [at the end of the movie]?

Mr Williams gave the ideas that, “Because they were a couple”, or “He owned the clothes first [referring to the fact Han had won the ship in a game, and therefore the clothes].  The reason the audience came up with, “because he wanted to get in Leia’s pants”.  Mr Williams wasn’t impressed with that thought.

I haven’t been watching any of the dancing or singing reality contests, so I was caught off-guard with Mr Williams being on Dancing with the Starts.  He looked the part though, he was wearing a grey outfit (shirt and slacks) with a grey cardigan sweater and scarf.  From other images I’ve seen that look is something he does often.  He did mention he’ll be in the next filming of the show for a reprise!

I do want to share one sentiment.  Towards the end a fan asked him which character did he “own”.  He stated that each experience has it’s own significance, and wished everyone to have a wonderful experience.