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Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – Larry Elmore

Among the plethora of phenomenal artists at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 was one of my personal favorites, Larry Elmore. Larry has done several key pieces over the years, such as the covers for the Dragonlance novels, much of the cover artwork for EverQuest, and so many additional pieces of fantasy art that they are impossible to mention or number. He is also quite a friendly gentleman.


My family and I cornered Larry at the booth he shared with Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and Laura Hickman. My wife and I had been huge fans of Larry for years (too many to count). We had shown our 13 year old some of his work, specifically the Dragonlance art, and she was very interested. While my wife and I looked through the prints that Larry had brought with him, my daughter proceeded to interrogate him about his work.


Larry was happy to talk to my daughter. They discussed his work at length. My wife and I continued looking through his prints and saw one of his book. I remembered that Larry had put together a Kickstarter campaign for one of his books earlier in the year. Specifically, SnarfQuest was funded in January.

If you enjoy fantasy art, you have probably seen the work of Larry Elmore. Many of his prints will have his name on them, but a lot of his commissioned art does not. Check on the credits page of your favorite works of fantasy fiction, he will be listed if he is the artist. Also, check out his website at www.larryelmore.com and look through some of his beautiful artwork.


Here is my 13 year old’s summary of her conversation with Larry:


“One of the few people we were able to interview at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 was Larry Elmore.  Larry Elmore is known for doing a lot of art work for Dungeons and Dragons and the cover art for DragonLance. He also did the basic art work for Everquest, and then the Everquest group made his art work computerized for the game. He has several books that contain his art work like, Reflections of Myth, Masters of Dragonlance Artand The Complete Elmore.

Do you prefer drawing dragons or humans?

I do not really do a lot of dragons, so I do not really have the chance of drawing dragons.

Do you prefer an item to draw?

No, not really.

Did you like doing the art work for Dragonlance?

I actually made a few rough drafts for Tracy (Hickman), to help them sell to the board. So I was on there from the start.

(End of Questions)

If you want to find more about Larry go to his website at, (linked above)”