Salt Lake ComicCon July 2014 Press Conference

Be sure to go to to buy your tickets now!
Be sure to go to to buy your tickets now!

Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg again held a press conference. This time, they were escorted by the armed guards of the Umbrella Corporation. Dan and Bryan shared some wonderful statistics, some details of plans, and a whole new set of guests for this coming September.

Numbers and Plans

  • Salt Lake Comic Con is the 3rd largest in America
  • September 2014 will be larger than Fan X (April) and September 2013, in every way.

Current Expectations:

  • Attendance: 120,000 people
  • Panels: 200
  • Guests: 250
  • Celebrity Guests: 42

Comic Book Artists planned for Salt Lake ComicCon 2014

Several new artists have confirmed they will be coming in September. Additionally, Dan and Bryan were happy to announce that Marvel and Dark Horse are both sponsoring this year’s event. Those mentioned at the press conference are:

  • Neal Adams
  • Rob Prior
  • Elizabeth Breitweiser
  • Bill Galvan
  • Leo Leibelman
  • Tony Puryear

WETA Workshop brings even more in 2014 to Salt Lake ComicCon

Coming back again this year, WETA was incredibly fun in 2013. This year they are bringing their life-size trolls with them. Additionally, Comic Con will be showing off some of the WETA creations throughout the valley leading up to September. Gandalf, for example, was in attendance at the Press Conference.

Evermore Park

Set to open in 2015, the Victorian Theme park will be previewing again at Comic Con. They have attended in the past and displayed some wonderful work. What will they have in store for us this season?


Since our latest post, there have been several celebrity announcements. Additionally, at the Press Conference, several more were unveiled. Also, Dan and Bryan let slip that there are already signed contracts by many other celebrities that will be presented in the weeks ahead.

Those previously announced (since the last press conference):

  • Eliza Dushku
  • Michael Rosenbaum
  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Lou Ferrigno
  • Erin Gray
  • Giancarlo Esposito

Today, they announced the following five celebrities:

Simon Helberg of Big Bang Theory was announced as a celebrity guest of Salt Lake ComicCon 2014.
Simon Helberg of Big Bang Theory was announced as a celebrity guest of Salt Lake ComicCon 2014.
  • Jon Heder – well known for Napoleon Dynamite
  • Stephen Amell – from Arrow
  • Manu Bennett – celebrity guest in 2013, known for the Hobbit Trilogy and Arrow
  • Dean O’Gorman – Known for the Hobbit Trilogy and others
  • Simon Helberg – Known for The Big Bang Theory

Dan and Bryan were specifically asked if others from Arrow or Big Bang Theory would be attending, as well as other high profile celebrities like Tom Hiddleston. Their answer was that there were many great celebrities that they were working to try to get signed on for Comic Con.

For other announcements, stay tuned! More celebrity guests are being announced regularly for Salt Lake Comic Con 2014!

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