Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 – Margaret Weis

I have been a big fan of Margaret Weis since I first read “Dragons of Autumn Twilight”. I cannot remember clearly if I picked up the book when it was first printed in November of 1984 (before I turned 11), but I do know I read it within the first few years of its release. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman provided me a lot of fantastic memories as I grew up and set the stage for meeting my wife and raising our two geekettes.  Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 was the first opportunity I had to meet Margaret and I was very glad that I did.


Margaret was an absolute joy to talk to. She happily autographed my “Dragons of Summer Flame” (my copy of “Dragons of Autumn Twilight” is very battered from years of reading). My 9 year old daughter had prepared several questions for Margaret. She was delighted to chat with her and happy to answer her questions.


That’s when my eyes landed on her Firefly RPG books that were resting nearby.  Firefly/Serenity has always been a weakness of mine. I knew that she was working on the new RPG, but I hadn’t had time to really look into it. As my daughter interrogated Margaret, I started thumbing through the book. I turned to look at the two just as my daughter asked, “What made you decide to make the Firefly RPG?”


It turns out Margaret is a huge Firefly fan herself. She loves role-playing games and just had to merge the two. She has been involved in the gaming business for a while and I can see the passion shining through. She also mentioned that her favorite character is Jayne.


Firefly is one of the simplest RPGs I have explored. It focuses heavily on role-playing and rewards characters for witty remarks and snappy comebacks, much like the show. If you haven’t had the chance to examine the game yourself, assuming you are a Firefly fan, you really should.  Whether you aim to misbehave or are fixin’ to explore the ‘Verse, it is a ton of fun.

Here are the questions my 9 year old asked Margaret, and her responses:

“So I asked Margaret Weis what gave you the idea to write dragonlance series?

She said Tracy Hickman gave them the idea and they made it happen.


If you could go back in time when would you go?

She said Victorian London.


If you could go any where would you to go?

She said Hawaii.


I asked what she wanted to do if she could anything?

She said fly ball racing / dog relay race.


I asked her what gave her the idea to make the firefly role playing game?

She said she loved firefly and table top gaming so much she made it one.”

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