Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 Fan Xperience – Gaming Room

With the expanded space of Comic Con, the gaming area has increased in size substantially. In September, a few tables were set aside in the vendor’s hall, but in April, an entire conference room encompasses the gaming area. Vendors lining the walls sell board games, card games, role-playing game supplies (such as dice), and console games as well as renting out space for people to play the latest console games.

Gaming Tournament

This year there were several console or computer gaming events at Comic Con. One of the large local computer chains (PC Laptops) was showing off the new game Titanfall on some of their custom machines.

In the gaming room, several tournaments were being held on the stage. I witnessed some Super Smash Bros as well as some StarCraft 2 action. The crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves and the games were being displayed for the viewers to watch. Congratulations to the winners!

Role-Playing Games

Several tabletop role-playing games were being played at Comic Con this year as well. The large number of tables were used for Mutants and Masterminds, Pathfinder, and Dungeons and Dragons Next, among others.

Although my background is heavy into older versions of Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder, a game demonstration on Dungeons and Dragons Next was the only game I had time to participate in. My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves, and most of the other players seemed to as well. I hope to see more gaming in the future.

Card Games

Card games have diversified a lot over the last several years. Collectable card games, such as Magic: The Gathering, were being played. These games have the player purchase expansion packs to make their own deck to play against other people who have customized decks as well.

Newer card games, such as Smash Up were there. Smash Up has a few expansions, but both the original box and each of the expansions comes with a set variety of cards. In Smash Up, each player chooses two factions, such as Ninjas and Pirates, and plays to defeat other players who have chosen a different pair. My daughters and I have played several games of Smash Up and it is great when you only have an hour and not enough time for more involved games.

What About the Future?

At this point, we do not know how much gaming will be involved in future Comic Cons. I am hopeful that it will become a major attraction, such as it was this year. Maybe in September, we can see the recently released Dungeons and Dragons Next as well as the newest offerings from other tabletop and card game companies.

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