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Featured Games | Arcane Guardians

Featured Games

This is a list of games, as a guild, we have played in our past. As games continue to be published and evolve, I’m sure we’ll add to this list.

* Neverwinter (Dragon Server)
* Diablo 3
* Star Wars: The Old Republic
* Rift (Faeblight Shard)
* Everquest
* Everquest II
* Earth & Beyond | now canceled
* Asheron’s Call | free to play
* Anarchy Online | free to play
* Vanguard
* Star Wars Galaxies
* Yohoho Puzzle Pirates
* Pirates of the Burning Seas
* Dungeons & Dragons Online (Thelanis Shard)
* City of Heroes / City of Villains
* World of Warcraft

A guild of friends spanning across several MMO