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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Icons of the Realms – Tyranny of Dragons

With the release of 5th edition, the worlds oldest fantasy RPG entered a new era. Along with this era, a new series of miniatures have arrived. These new miniatures are made by WizKids/Neca and come prepainted in booster packs of 4 figures (including one large figure) for about $16. The quality of some of the previous miniature series had me originally hesitant to purchase this set, but I caved and purchased a pair of boosters. I am glad I did.


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Flying Figures

Although some people may disagree, I personally like that many of the figures are designed to be in flying poses. Aerial combat is integral to certain creatures, such as dragons, and there is little reason to eliminate this tactic when using them in the roleplaying game. I was particularly impressed with the 2 flying creatures I received, though I will end up gluing them to their base for stability.

The first flying creature I opened was the Wyvern (29/45). The Wyvern has apparently evolved in 5th edition and has more cobra like of a head than previous versions. The stinger tail is obvious and well done. There are a few painting mistakes on the figure itself, but not many. I would personally rate this figure a 4/5.

The second flying creature I opened was the Pegasus (28/45). The Pegasus will need to be glued as it does fall off the base frequently. The wings are beautifully done and spread wide. The paint job is also very good, though not perfect. Again, I would rate this a 4/5.

Humanoid Figurines

The other 6 figures that I received in the 2 boxes I opened are all humanoids medium and small humanoids. Again, most of the figures are fairly well done though I do have a few specific comments.

The Green Hag (17/45) is well molded, but the paint job is a little lacking. Realizing that these are mass produced and painted quickly, some errors are expected, but I don’t like the paint job on this particular figure, at least the one I bought. The mouth looks incorrect and the hands are partially painted black, along with her fingernails (which should be). I love the pose and the molding is excellent, but I feel a better paint job could have been accomplished. I rate this one a 3/5.

D&D Orc Fighter 10/45 Icons of the RealmsThe Orc Fighter (10/45) is exceptional. Both the painting and sculpting of this figure are well done. There are a few very small errors in the painting of the figure, but the menacing scowl and brutal looking weapon make up for these small mistakes. The muscles of this brute are also well defined and excellently portrayed. I rate this figure a 4.5/5.


Overall, I like the set. I find that the figures are better than many of the previous Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, especially the latest expansions before they were discontinued a few years ago. Although I have yet to play 5th edition, they can also be used in my Pathfinder games. There is a starter set for this series available, which I have not purchased yet, and a different series designed for structured competitive play under development. I am looking forward to acquiring both the starter set and several other boxes of the Icons of the Realms – Tyranny of Dragons series within the next few weeks.

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