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Game Master 101 – Planning Adventures – Part One

Game Mastering 101 – Planning Adventures – Part One

Over the course of gaming for over 30 years, I have been asked many times how I plan out adventures. As a veteran, it has become so natural that I have not thought about the process I use much until I was asked by a few friends recently for advice. It occurred to me how daunting the task must look and really got me to thinking.

The first person I recall asking me was about 15 years ago. At the time he was working on computer gaming and wanted to develop a system for these games. I have had people ask me several times since, and I decided it was time to put my thoughts down on video and paper.

Therefore, over the course of the next several weeks, I will be recording my process as I make an adventure. This adventure, in its entirety, will be available on my websites. The videos are on my twitch account (

This week we looked at the basics of forming an adventure. The basics are formed by answering a few questions to get a feel for what lies ahead. When I work on my adventures, this first step helps me outline what comes ahead. I answer 7 questions: What level? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

This is what I brainstormed while doing this video:

What level? 8
Villain +2 Devil
Lt +0 Devil, Devils, Cult
Encounters -2 Imps, Bugbears, Hydra

Where: Temple
City, Forest, Temple
City: Farmlands, Warehouse, Mansion
Forest: Clearing, Tree Village, Cave
Temple: Road, Entrance, Temple, Altar

Why? Corrupting
When? Seasons, Indoors/Outdoors, Light?
What? Tempting Villagers
How? City finding funds, tempting with cash

There is more to come and I plan on doing one of these a week. Talk to you soon!

Second mission for Azmordath (Shadownrun)

Close up on part of the item we recover from Lord Pierre du Fontaine
Close up on part of the item we recover from Lord Pierre du Fontaine

We meet Mr Blanc at the ruins to the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.  We have tea in a cafe nearby and he lays out our next mission.

We are looking for a golden rod, about 1.5′ long, with dangling strings inlaid with lapis lazuli.  It’s held by a private collector, Pierre du Fontaine.

Pierre du Fontaine is a minor noble with an interest in Egyptian artifacts.  He has a nice historic manor here in Paris.  We watch the house for a few days.

They have at least Pierre (human) as well as an orc and a female elf.  They have delivery every day.  The guys are thinking they need to pretend they are a film crew.

Our face goes to the door to introduce the idea.  The orc answered the door.  The appointment is set for the next day.

The crew goes in, attempts to lay down a relay for the hacker to get in the security. The room we want is upstairs, has little, if no security.  The building does have micro organisms, but big holes in it.  I was able to get in astrally, even to this trophy room.

The elf surprises the Face – short fight.  Runs out with our item.

8,000 nuyen and 6 karma

Meeting Johnson for the first time at The Pyramid Club, Vienna (Shadowrun)

A professor’s salary isn’t that much, especially since my research hasn’t been well taken lately.  Last night Murray mentioned to me a run that was going to against a big collector in Italy.  I think I’ll show up, perhaps I get some inspiration.

Shadowrun target.  Acquire this book and return it to Azmordath.
Shadowrun target. Acquire this book and return it to Azmordath.

He calls himself Azmordath.  No other name given.  He was wearing an immaculate suit and speaking German to match.  He welcomed us in (there are about 8 or so people) to his private room.  He wants us to go to an estate outside of Milan (Lavian da Miras) and steal a large, jeweled bible.  Lavian is a private collector and has several items, several that may be enchanted.

Off to Milan, Italy, and met Mr. Blanca at the Ristorante Milan.  He tells us a little more about the estate.  It’s 20′ tall stone wall, large hilltop.  You can access the vault under the house from either outside or inside the house.

This was the site of a Roman Temple to Orcus (god of underworld and punisher of broken oaths).

The rigger sees there are some drones and proceeds to attack one with his drone fighter.  I attack a watcher.  Our goal is to distract the security away from what the team is actually doing.