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Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Icons of the Realms – Tyranny of Dragons

With the release of 5th edition, the worlds oldest fantasy RPG entered a new era. Along with this era, a new series of miniatures have arrived. These new miniatures are made by WizKids/Neca and come prepainted in booster packs of 4 figures (including one large figure) for about $16. The quality of some of the previous miniature series had me originally hesitant to purchase this set, but I caved and purchased a pair of boosters. I am glad I did. Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Icons of the Realms – Tyranny of Dragons

Meeting Xerican in the Desert

Traveling from Giamond to Sea of Shards.

Our party emerges from the tunnels into the desert area.  We proceed north thanks to several party members knowing survival.  We know the camp we seek is that direction.  After awhile, a voice welcomes us.  We aren’t surprised, Quaben recognizes the voice as belonging to a friendly genie like creature.  He guides us north, the next day we reach the camp we sought.

In the camp there are dozens of people.  Many of the people speak common, wearing the brand from Greed.

Our party discovers that the crystals covering the whole desert are what we have been looking for.  We fill our bags with the crystals to take back to potentially make weapons.

We then have a discussion about the abilities of our donkey (ATSD).

Blood Glass Legacy – Second Session

Blood Glass Legacy Pathfinder CampaignThis week in Pathfinder…

The party continues their efforts to find weapons to use against their diabolical opponents. They cannot openly confront them, the sheer size of the enemy army would destroy our brave adventurers. But, perhaps, there is a way to begin their revolution on a smaller scale.

With information from the village of Gi’Mon, the party has followed a series of lava tubes and tunnels passing far below the Hellspine Mountains and the cities of Acad and Kenedox. However, this path is not without peril, as the party discovers the glory of nearly invisible gelatinous cubes. After a brief struggle, and a moderate amount of frustration (poor Amon, never even got to act), the party survived and continued on their journey.

What strange creatures will they find in the Sea of Shards? What dangers await?   Will the party continue to walk blindly forward, missing perception checks, and die to kobold traps?

Find out, this week, in Pathfinder!

Blood Glass Legacy – First Session

Blood Glass Legacy Pathfinder CampaignOur new Pathfinder campaign is set in Lord Rcane’s new world.  For now we’re using the working name, Blood Glass Legacy.  We have 6 players, including Rcane.  The players range from a 12 year old girl to a 41 year old (that’s me).  Some of us have been gaming together for over 20 years now.

Our campaign starts in the dark.  A group of very unusual humanoids have been enslaved to the devils (literally) that run some mines.

Hiewot (Oread Student of the Stone)
A mysterious female devil has been watching us.  I’ve seen her while I was mining my pickaxe at the far end of the tunnels.  I saw her again today when the meal was served.  I think I even saw her before lockup.  It’s unusual because she seemed interested in me.  I haven’t had that much attention in awhile, and I hope it doesn’t come to ill.Hiewot

At lockup tonight I heard a voice I didn’t recognize, “Be Ready”.  It had the sound of authority, but I don’t know who said it.

In the dark of the night a small goblin man comes and unlocks my cell door.  He beacons me to follow him. As we go through the cooridor, he unlocks other doors.  Soon there are six of us following him.  Two can’t see in the dark like we can, so they are led out.  As we walk down the tunnels, the guards seem to either not be present, or when they are there, they are asleep.  Someone went through a lot of planning to break us out.  What kind of benefit can they gain by 6 slaves?


Playtesting Lord Rcane’s world – New campaign start

Lord Rcane is getting a new campaign world made.  It’s a rather tragic world with devils running everything.  Our party consists of 6 humanish characters.  I’m still not sure of two of the races (the players weren’t forthcoming).

Yesterday we met for the first time to finish character generation and “meet up”.  We are a very odd group.

  • Hiewot.  A monk (Student of the Stone) of the Oread race type.  She appears human, was born of human parents, but her skin is a crystalline brown color (think of a famous model who used too much bronzer, then it turned to a crystal).
  • Riley.  She might be the most “standard”.  She is a halfling bard.
  • Kamala.  A Wizardess that is humanish, except she has blue skin and her blood is transparent (apparently there is an oriental race called samsaran, but don’t think of Metroid like we all did).
  • Aubrey is our fighter.  She is a kitsune.
  • Zar is a ninja goblin.

So, that leaves our DM, Lord Rcane.  He leaves his choice until he knows where the hole is.  Can you see it?  Missing cure light wounds.  Yep, we have NO cleric.

Now, looking at that list you might notice we are very advanced players.  Our youngest player, the 12 year old, is playing the kitsune.  Even the halfling player has played for a few years.

So, what does Lord Rcane decide to play?  Bellataranzar…. something or another, is described as 1/4 devil, and a witch.


Stay tuned for more of the Blood Glass Legacy.

Game Master 101 – Planning Adventures – Part One

Game Mastering 101 – Planning Adventures – Part One

Over the course of gaming for over 30 years, I have been asked many times how I plan out adventures. As a veteran, it has become so natural that I have not thought about the process I use much until I was asked by a few friends recently for advice. It occurred to me how daunting the task must look and really got me to thinking.

The first person I recall asking me was about 15 years ago. At the time he was working on computer gaming and wanted to develop a system for these games. I have had people ask me several times since, and I decided it was time to put my thoughts down on video and paper.

Therefore, over the course of the next several weeks, I will be recording my process as I make an adventure. This adventure, in its entirety, will be available on my websites. The videos are on my twitch account (

This week we looked at the basics of forming an adventure. The basics are formed by answering a few questions to get a feel for what lies ahead. When I work on my adventures, this first step helps me outline what comes ahead. I answer 7 questions: What level? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

This is what I brainstormed while doing this video:

What level? 8
Villain +2 Devil
Lt +0 Devil, Devils, Cult
Encounters -2 Imps, Bugbears, Hydra

Where: Temple
City, Forest, Temple
City: Farmlands, Warehouse, Mansion
Forest: Clearing, Tree Village, Cave
Temple: Road, Entrance, Temple, Altar

Why? Corrupting
When? Seasons, Indoors/Outdoors, Light?
What? Tempting Villagers
How? City finding funds, tempting with cash

There is more to come and I plan on doing one of these a week. Talk to you soon!

Heart of Night (part 2)

When last we left our brave adventurers, they were face to face with the Heart of Night (campaign Kyserium Rush).


It seems that the Heart of Night is a small black dragon.  The room is large, about 45′ wide and over 45′ deep, with a semi-circle at the end.  The Heart of Night is at the end of the room, and a humanoid is chained to the wall.

We approach and Jhis (fighter type) attacks.  Toriyah casts a storm spell, doing a little damage to the dragon.  The bard, Ayumi, sings a great melody inspiring us.  The witch summons a frog to fight.  The bard also summons a pony.

The dragon attacks back with wings and teeth, drawing lots of blood.  Toriyah counters with a barkskin spell for Jhis, and Xadrac heals Jhis.  The dragon attacks again, and Jhis looses more blood (bad language spews forth too).


Rescue Davros (the person that was chained behind the dragon).
Afterwards, while we look at the loot and talk to Davros, we wonder if this was the Heart of Night.  That was entirely too easy (but very bloody).

Pathfinder Kyserium Rush

Our party travels to the south-center city of the island.  We approach the city cautiously.  The druid, Toriyah, speaks up and asks for the leader of their city.  She talks about the virtues of the fight against the Heart of Pathfinder Kyserium RushNight, but it lands on deaf ears.  The necromancy of the bugbear city has overpowered all reasoning.

Toriyah (druid type), Jhis (fighter type), and Kezan (mage type) go inside the gates to discuss potential (Amon the rogue sneaks in).  Garygos the bugbear and his city joins us against the Heart of Night.  Gives us 2 ally cities to join our original one.

We go through a long passageway towards the center of the Heart of Night.  It opens to a room with large statues of a dark metal or stone of a humanoid, one on each side, holding a spear.  Skeletons attack.

Encounter with Heart of Night.