Alanian of Cerinos (Pathfinder)

Rhombus sees some strange figures (six of them) at Alanian’s door.  They let themselves in and close the door behind.  Rhombus goes up to the door, it is locked.  He hears a scuffle inside.

Midnight and Clivian are returning from town, after picking up a glass rod from the glass maker.  They see Rhombus trying to break in the door to Alanian’s home.

Clivian has a key and opens the door.  There are signs of a struggle (one thug is dead), in the library is in shambles, and the Door That Should Never Be Opened is opened.  Standing next to the door is a small (dwarven sized) automaton with a box next to it.

Alanian had cast a spell and disappeared, telling the automaton to awaken.  The six thugs then used a key to leave the room magically.

The automaton gives a letter to Midnight, saying it has awoken because the “master” is not available.  It has letters for other people, including Rhombus, Tol, Clivian, and Gowyer.

There is one dead creature here, it’s some type of goblin.  It’s not a type from around here.

Midnight runs out to get the others.

We all gather at the library and the automaton gives us each our letters.  In the chest at the automaton’s feet are some weapons and equipment for us.

Noriko, you have only recently visited me, but I found some information you may need. The Chalice of the Golden Sun does exist, but it was spirited away years ago. I am not certain where it is, but I do know you will need this item when you are ready. Also, you will likely need good friends to help.There is a masterwork golden katana here.

Noriko pulls out a golden katana from the chest.

The automaton then hands Noriko a key that doesn’t have any teeth.   As she takes it, the closet starts to glow in a teal color with Glowing_doorplanar energy.

Tol asks the automaton where it goes.  He doesn’t know.

Midnight goes and sticks a hoof in the portal energy, it is cool to the touch.  Tol goes through.  Noriko follows.  The rest of the group goes through.

We appear in a marketplace of a large city.  The humanoids here are very diverse.  An angel and a devil are having lunch.

We move to track the goblins we followed here.  2 crates crash down, they would have hit us if we had moved a little faster.   They run down the alley – on the rooftops.  Opening a vent on the roof.  Some climb.

Through another portal in the vent and into a flaming forest.  The two goblins are there.


1 goblin dead and 1 injured.


Clivian is a “child”.  His item from the box is a staff with a skull on it.  Child refers to a descendant.   Damon skull – gate key?

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